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Stephanie wears a yellow and black top with matching pants. Half-way through the season, when Black Bowman almost figures out her identity she changes her out fit by wearing a mask similar to her mother's. She has sharp green eyes and reddish brown hair. She also has two grayish wings that are on her back. In normal clothes, she wears black capri pants with a yellow shirt and a leather jacket to hide her wings.

Early Life-

Hawkette, Stephanie Hall, is the only daughter of Hawkman and Hawkwoman. She was born on Earth and is very human, despite the fact that she is not. Stephanie was the sixth member to join the team. When she was going to join, her other gave her a present, her very own mace. Stephanie wanted to fit in more with the humans, so she doesn't wear a mask in the beginning, however after her identity is almost compromised she decides to wear a mask similar to her mothers.

Joining the Team-

When Hawkette joined the team there were already five members, originally, she was afraid they were not going to accept her because she wasn't a human, but she quickly found her place on the team, since Neutron was an alien as well. Hawkette became one of the most valuable parts of the team, using her flight as a way to get a good visual, she also is known to carry some of her teammates in the air, like Bullseye of Songbird, so that they can get a good angle or an aerial attack. Stephanie still wishes to be more human though, she attends school wearing normal clothes with restraints on her wings.


Hawkette's powers include:

Flight- By use of the two wings on her back.

Above average strength- Her Thanagarian background gives her above human strength.

Mace- Her mace made of Nth metal can disrupt magic. It can also produce a surge of electricity and absorb electricity.