List of Young Justice Three EpisodesEdit

Rookies (Part 1) - Three proteges of the Justice League: Wondergirl, Zachary Zatara, and Aquagirl, team up in order to prove themselves to their superiors in the Justice League. But soon they find themselves in over their heads fighting against the Royal Flush Gang.

Rookies (Part 2) - Near defeat, the three young heroes receive help from another teen hero named Bunker with special powers of his own. Together they team up to finally attempt to beat the Royal Flush Gang.

Unearthed- When a young girl named Terra with extraordinary powers is found on the doorstep of The Hall of Justice, the Team takes her in, but the appearance of the famed mercenery Deathstroke really mixes things up for Terra and the Team

Overboard- The Team, in their first official mission, is sent out to investigate a mysterious boat that may be connected to several disappearances including that of Captain Atom. But what they find is even more sinister than they could have imagined.

Shadows- A routine day at the Cave turns into a fight to stay alive when The Shadow Thief infiltrates Mt. Justice.