The Team (Young Justice 3)Edit

The Team in YJ3 consists of:

Wondergirl (Cassie Sandsmark)- Leader

Aquagirl (Lorena Marquez)

Zachary Zatara

Bunker (Miguel Barragan)

Terra (Tara Markov)

Captain Marvel Jr. (Freddy Freeman)

ORIGIN- The series begins with Wondergirl, Aquagirl, and Zachary Zatara as the three main characters each already having established themselves as a superhero. While sitting a being left alone when the League goes on a mission, they decide to go on their own to fight the Royal Flush Gang. However the three are in over their heads until Bunker arrives to save them, this was the founding of the team.

ADDING NEW MEMBERS- The first new member added is Terra, the League arrives saying that they found her and that she has the ability to move Earth. They give no further explanation of Terra. Throughout the series, most of the questions revolve around Terra and who she really is. The next person introduced to the team is Speedy (Mia Deardren). She fits in with the team very well, and she joins them on a mission. In the end of the mission she ended up saving Aquagirl. However, when her parents learn about how dangerous the team is they forbid her from joining. The next new member was Captain Marvel Jr. he was introduced to the team about of a third of the way through the series. He is only fourteen, making him the youngest on the team.

OTHER CHARACTERS- Although directly not part of the team, many other young DC heroes also tag along sometimes, including

Speedy (Mia Deardren) The replacement of the original Speedy, now Red Arrow, the sidekick to Green Arrow, she is the most recurring non-member, and is often treated as though she is a member. She is an expert marksman.