Vital Statistics
Real Name Tula
Alias Tυλα
Age (2016) (Deceased, KIA)
Age (2020) (Deceased, KIA)
Race Atlantean
Designation B11
Production Details
First Appearance Downtime

Tula (Atlantean: Tυλα, Aquagirl, Gamelion 11th, 152,509 / January 26th, 1994 - Anthesterion 3rd, 152,524 / February 18, 2015) was an Atlantean superhero under the name Aquagirl. She studied Atlantean sorcery at the Conservatory of Sorcery under Queen Mera, and was in a romantic relationship with Garth before her death. She served with the Team until her death in battle against Tiamat.

Physical appearanceEdit

Tula resembled a Caucasian teenager with ruddy hair, aquamarine eyes and a slender build. Her hair was worn in a pixie cut with longer bangs framing her face. She wore a skintight, light yellow tank-top that bared her midriff, with aquamarine hemming in a pattern resembling a low neckline and around the edges. Around her waist she wore a short sarong-like cloth fastened with a ring with the end of the cloth hanging to her front. On her forearms were light yellow, short, fingerless, formal gloves while on her ankles and feet she wore what resemble light yellow yoga socks. She also wore an aquamarine choker around her neck.