WonderGirl Color


Cassandra Sandsmark




Super Strength, Flight,Invulnerability


Lasso, bracelets, Stealth-tech


The Team


Wonder Woman

Wondergirl (Cassie Sandsmark) is the leader of the Team in YJ3 as well as one of the founding members. She was the protege of Wonderwoman before joining the Team, and still teams up with her former mentor sometimes. 


Cassie has ice blue eyes and and blonde hair. She usually will keep her hair up in a braid but she occasionally wears it down. Her costume consists of a red shirt that is cut out in the back. Her shirt also functions as armor to protect her, and she wears the bronze insignia of her mentor. Her short sleeves show off her well-toned arms on which she wears the bulletproof wristbands. She wears red pants with a star on one side as well as black boots and a belt. Hanging from her belt is her whip.


Cassie is very brave but also very kind. She is the leader of The Team, so she tries to stay commanding and stern just as her teacher. Cassie' title is well deserved due to her excellent fighting skills and her excellent leadership qualities, such as her intelligence, power, and agility. Many times the members of The Team look to Cassie for guidance. She has a strong sense of loyalty to her teammates and to her mentors in the Justice League. This could potentially be her fatal flaw.