Young Justice: Darkside is the third series, following on the events of Young Justice: Aftermath and is followed by Young Justice: Enlightenment.

Major Plot LinesEdit

  • The series advances three years to Late 2019 - Early 2020
  • Wally West (Kid Lantern) is returned after his apparent death, and both he and Artemis (Tigress) have gone back into retirement.
  • Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern I, Aquaman, Martian Manhunter, Green Arrow, Hawkman and Hawkwoman are all reported missing after attempting to confront Darkseid.
  • The rest of the Justice League remain secretive for the time.
  • Older members of the Team start going their own ways, but return in their own time.
  • Superboy and Red Robin fight for leadership.
  • Jason Todd is resurrected and now goes under Red Hood (though few believe that its him and presume he's a clone).
  • Robin is constantly tempted by his adoptive brother (Red Hood), his mother (Leviathan) and his clone (Heretic)
  • Red Hood, Arsenal, and Bluebird (undercover) form an antihero mercenary band called the Outlaws.
  • Darkseid become head of the Light as L0, and Black Manta takes over Ocean Master's seat pernamently.

The TeamEdit



Temporary ReformationEdit


The TitansEdit



Justice LeagueEdit

  • 12 – Captain Atom / Nathaniel C. Adams
  • 13 – Black Canary / Dinah Lance
  • 14 – Green Lantern II / John Stewart
  • 15 – Captain Marvel / Billy Batson
  • 16 – Red Tornado / John Smith
  • 17 – Doctor Fate / Nabu (Giovanni Zatara)
  • 18 – Atom / Ray Palmer
  • 19 – Plastic Man / Patrick "Eel" O'Brien
  • 20 – Icon / Arnus of Terminus / Augustus Freeman
  • 23 – Black Lightning / Jefferson Pierce
  • 24 – Green Lantern III / Guy Gardner
  • 27 - Cyborg / Victor Stone
  • 28 - Green Lantern IV / Kyle Radner

Justice League Beyond (2066)Edit

  • U01 - Superman / Kal-El / Clark "Kal" Kent
  • U02 - Green Lantern VI / Kai-Ro
  • U03 - Big Barda / Barda Free
  • U04 - Warhawk / Rex Stewart
  • U05 - Aquagirl III / Mareena / Marina Curry
  • U06 - Micron / Wayne Brady
  • U07 - Batman II / Terry McGuiness
  • U08 - Static / Virgil Hawkins
  • U09 - Flash V / Danica Williams
  • U10 - Gear / Richard Foley
  • U11 - Mister Miracle / Scott Free
  • U12 - Captain Marvel / Billy Batson
  • U13 - Doctor Fate / Nabu (?)
  • U14 - Wonder Woman / Princess Diana of Themyscira / Diana Prince
  • U15 - Orion / Orion / Anthony J. Masters
  • U16 - Nightwing II / Kon-El / Conner Kent
  • U17 - Martian Manhunter II / M'gann Morzz / Megan Kent nee Morse
  • U18 - Animal Man / Garfield Logan
  • U19 - Blue Beetle IV / Vincent Armini
  • U20 - Scarlet / Lian Nguyen-Harper
  • U21 - Tempest II / Prince Atur of Atlantis / Arthur Curry Jr.
  • U22 - Accipiter / Hetar Hol
  • U23 - Batgirl / Melanie Walker
  • U24 - Nightfire / Mar'iand'r Grayson
  • U25 - Supergirl / Kara Zor-El / Kara "Karen" Kent

The OutsidersEdit

  • Apache / Tye Longshadow
  • Vulcan / Martin King
  • El Dorado / Eduardo Dorado Jr.
  • Samurai / Asami "Sam" Koizumi
  • Downpour / Aleczander "Zan" Exor
  • Shifter / Janina "Jayna" Exor


Anti HeroesEdit

The OutlawsEdit

Recurring VillainsEdit

The LightEdit

  • L0 - Darkseid
  • L1 - Vandal Savage
  • L2 - Ra's al Ghul
  • L3 - Lex Luthor
  • L4 - Queen Bee of Bialya
  • L5 - Black Manta
  • L6 - The Brain
  • L7 - Klarion the Witch Boy

Injustice LeagueEdit

  • Atomic Skull / Albert Michaels
  • Black Adam / Teth-Adam
  • Count Vetigo / Werner Zytle (Leader)
  • Dark Martian / S'amm S'miff / Sam Smith
  • Joker (Red Hood I)
  • Killer Frost / Crystal Frost
  • Poison Ivy / Pamela Isley
  • Thaal Sinestro
  • Ultra-Humanite / Gerard Shugel
  • Wotan

Project CadmusEdit

  • Auron / Jacob / Roy Harper Clone
  • Changeling / Craig / Garfield Logan Clone
  • Djinn / Shi / Wu Xing Clone
  • Oblivion (Omnega) / Newton / Adam Antony Clone
  • Powergirl / Galatea / Kara Zor-El Clone
  • Red X / Blake / Jason Todd Clone
  • Terminator / Wade / Grant Wilson Clone

Other ClonesEdit

  • Heretic / Ibn al Xu'ffasch / Damian Wayne Clone
  • Superboy-Primal / Match / Kal-El Clone (Pure Kryptonian)


  • Ares
  • Bane
  • Blackfire / Komand'r
  • Brainiac
  • Clayface / Matthew Hagen
  • Circe
  • Deathstroke / Slade Wilson
  • Desaad
  • Doomsday
  • Glorious Godfrey / G. Gordon Godfrey
  • Leviathan / Talia al Ghul
  • Man-Bat / Robert Kirkland Langstrom
  • Metallo / John Corben
  • Ocean Master / Prince Orm of Atlantis
  • Professor Zoom / Eobard Thawne
  • Quizmaster / Arthur Brown
  • Ravager II / Rose Wilson (Defects)
  • Red Dynamo
    • Mister Twister / Brom Stik
  • Riddler / Edward Enigma
  • Silver Beetle / Hector Hall (Scarab Control)
  • Sportsmaster / Lawrence "Crusher" Crocks
  • Terra I / Tara Markov (Deceased)
    • Terra II / Tara Markov Clone / Doppelganger (Defected, Deceased)
    • Terra III / Atlee (Brainwashed)


Title Directed by Written by Original air date Production code
"Come to Pass" AdamantiumBladez AdamantiumBladez 2014 301
Three Years Later, after an encounter with Darkseid, the Top Members of the Justice League decided to face off in an attempt to stop his advance, that was what was heard last of them. To take their place, the elder members of the Team form an older group to take over the roles for public image while the Team remain covert.

Tim (now Red Robin) having been groomed for leadership starts taking command, much to Superboy's distaste as he is the most senior member and believes that he is ready to lead. The struggle for leadership doesn't help their mission successes either.

"Family of Bats" AdamantiumBladez AdamantiumBladez 2014 302
Blackbat (Cassandra Cain) returns from a mission that nearly got her killed. Without the ability to tell the team what she knows, the team have to travel into her mind to find what she knows, un aware of the dangers that lurk inside. From her origins to present day, her life story is plagued with the horrors and nightmares of her existence.
"The Outlaws" AdamantiumBladez AdamantiumBladez 2014 303
A mysterious figure calling himself the Red Hood starts gunning down enemies during covert missions that start to get the team in danger of detection. The attention catches Arsenal, who responds by signing up with him, and are later joined by Bluebird.

Nightwing does some investigation and suspects that Red Hood has something to do with Jason Todd. The summarize leaves the options as a clone when Jason's body is missing. But Red Robin and several others are not entirely convinced.

"Secrets" AdamantiumBladez AdamantiumBladez 2014 304
A new sidekick starts fighting crime alone, with the intention of joining the Team, and ends up running into a magic protégé, who is tracking down an unusual energy signature in the area. The two decide to team up in order to achieve their goals, introducing each other as Arrowette and Bagua.

Meanwhile, Harm breaks out of jail, and attempts to retake the Sword of Beowulf, and later also steals the Blade of Vortigern, which reawakens the spirit of his late sister again. Secret goes to Tigress and Zatanna.

Harm combines the two weapons to form the Ragnarok, and in the enduring battle Secret is given her speech back. Harm is arrested again, and Arrowette, Secret and Bagua are accepted into the team.

"Under the Red Hood" AdamantiumBladez AdamantiumBladez 2014 305
Jason Todd is revealed to have been revived by the Lazurus Pit, under the orders of Ra's al Ghul. He broke lose and plotted his return for years. The story follows as he goes to confront both his mentor and his predecessor, and makes his presence known to the rest of the bat family, especially his replacements.
"Growing Apart" AdamantiumBladez AdamantiumBladez 2014 306
After a confrontation with Terra, whom all the team remember having betrayed them and led to the deaths of Jericho and his older brother, Ravanger, feelings between staying with the team and quitting the game come out in the open.

Beast Boy and Raven leave to work closely with the Titans. Blue Beetle tries to make it on his own as an independent superhero. Static decides to return home to be with his folks and his friends. Omnicron moves to Vlatava in time for Queen Perdita's official coronation. And Robin no longer trusts his team having been persuaded that he can do more alone.

The team is left with Superboy, Red Robin, Kid Flash, Wonder Girl, Secret, Arrowette, and Bagua

"Tiamat" AdamantiumBladez AdamantiumBladez 2014 307
"The Archers" AdamantiumBladez AdamantiumBladez 2014 308
"Glorious" AdamantiumBladez AdamantiumBladez 2014 309
"New Genesis" AdamantiumBladez AdamantiumBladez 2014 310
"Terra Terror" AdamantiumBladez AdamantiumBladez 2014 311
"Spolier Alert" AdamantiumBladez AdamantiumBladez 2014 312
"Leviathan" AdamantiumBladez AdamantiumBladez 2014 313
"Never Forget" AdamantiumBladez AdamantiumBladez 2014 314
"Everything or Nothing" AdamantiumBladez AdamantiumBladez 2014 315
"The Vertigo Project" AdamantiumBladez AdamantiumBladez 2014 316
"Riddled with Quizzes" AdamantiumBladez AdamantiumBladez 2014 317
"Unlimited" AdamantiumBladez AdamantiumBladez 2014 318
"Stars in the Night" AdamantiumBladez AdamantiumBladez 2014 319
"Brainiac Attack" AdamantiumBladez AdamantiumBladez 2014 320
"The Good, The Bad, and The Demon" AdamantiumBladez AdamantiumBladez 2014 321
"Attack of the Clones" AdamantiumBladez AdamantiumBladez 2014 322
"Oblivion" AdamantiumBladez AdamantiumBladez 2014 323
"Brightest Night" AdamantiumBladez AdamantiumBladez 2014 324
With the Injustice League in prison, Sinestro breaks from his cell and calls in his lantern corp to take earth and recruit his team and other fear based villains to dominate the planet.
"Blackest Day" AdamantiumBladez AdamantiumBladez 2014 325
"Darkness Falls" AdamantiumBladez AdamantiumBladez 2014 326


  • Bagua, like Adamant, is another entirely new superhero that is non-existent in the world of DC Comics.
  • After watching the in-conclusion of Justice League: Invasion and the cancellation of the third series, AdamantiumBladez decided to finish it up which led to Young Justice: Aftermath, but then he thought about a real third season for the series.