Young Justice: The Missing Years EpisodesEdit

1. Nightfall- Batman informs the team that the League has discovered a new hero, a boy with magical powers who attends the same school as Zatanna. However, when the team arrives they see that they are not the only ones after him. Can the team protect the new hero before the villains get to him?

2. Reunion- The team discovers that Sportsmaster has escaped from prison and is planning something evil. The team decides investigate, and sends Artemis and  to do so. However, when they arrive Sportsmaster ambushes them along with his new accomplice Felix Faust. They hypnotize Artemis, and take away Moirai's powers. Can he save Artemis and stop Sportmaster without his powers?

3. Demons- When giant, raging monsters attack major cities across the East Coast, its up to the the team and the League to stop them, but the team finds that their is more to the monsters that the team is facing, and soon the team not only figures more secrets out about their enemies, but about themseleves as well.