Is a fanmade series by this guy. It is a sequel to Young Justice and an alternate version of Young Justice: Invasion.


The team, now containing many members must fight and defeat the villains of the world, including the light. Also Roy Harper's clone goes out in search of the real Roy.


The Coming Soon Logo.


The TeamEdit

  1. Nightwing (Leader)
  2. Robin (Second in Command)
  3. Superboy
  4. Aqualad
  5. Kid Flash
  6. Miss Martian
  7. Artemis
  8. Zantanna
  9. Rocket
  10. Batgirl
  11. Lagoon Boy
  12. Beast Boy
  13. Bumblebee
  14. Blue Beetle
  15. Wondergirl
  16. Flamebird
  17. Mal Duncan
  18. Captain Marvel Junior (Captain Marvel's Nephew)
  19. Blue Jay (Black Canary's Daughter)
  20. Silver Jewels (Booster Gold's Daughter)
  21. Stretcher (Plastic Man's Cousins Son)
  22. Feline (Black Panther's Apprentice)
  23. Shocky (Black Lightning's daughter)
  24. Talon (Hawkgirl's son)
  25. Blue Wind (Red Tornadoes creation)
  26. Heat (Fire's son)
  27. Cool (Ice's daughter)
  28. Nightspy (Nightwing's son)
  29. MoonFire (Starfire's cousin)
  30. Boy Lantern (Hal Jordan's son)
  31. Jillian (Kilowog's Daughter)
  32. Terrabot (Cyborgs Cousin)

To Be Completed