Young Justice

Young Justice II is a fanmade Young Justice series. This team is another team who are sidekicks to other Justice league members. It takes place a few years after the original team was formed, they have gotten much older now, and some have joined the League or left the Team. They are not as well trained as the first Team, but still are very powerfulI. They fight against a wide variety of the DC villains.

The Team:

Bullseye- Red Arrow- Matt Wild teamed up with Red Arrow on a mission where Red Arrows bow was stolen, Matt found it and defeated the thief, Red Arrow was impressed and took him in. Bullseye is 14 years old and although he is younger than most members sometimes he is the most mature. He fights with a bow and arrows, the bow extends out of his glove. He wears a dark red vest with a black hoodie underneath. He is an excellent marksman, along with being very quick-witted in battle.

Songbird- Black Canary - Emily Connors was a big star, her singing voice was the best in her school. But soon that beautiful voice turned into a powerful blast of sound. She was taken in by the Justice League, where she began learning under Black Canary, now at 14, even though she is the youngest, she has become a powerful fighting force she has learned how to control her voice and can change the pitch to help her in many situations.

Hawkette- Hawkgirl and Hawkman- Stephanie Hall is the daughter of the Hawk's and shares their abilities, she wears a mask similar to that of Hawkgirl's and has wings, she also weilds her own mace which is not quite as large as the Hawk's and has sharp talon like fingers that she can use to scratch enemies. She originally dressed in yellow and black with no mask, but when her identity was almost compromised, she changed into a mask and different clothes.

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