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Hero Name: Robin (using Robin for example)

Secret Indentity: Richard Grayson

Age: 13


Eye Color:

Hair Color:

Skin Color:

Street Clothes:

Hero Costume:

Early Life/Past:






Relationships: (Include Love interests, Family, and Friends)

Mentor: (doesn't need one)



Hero Name: Shadow

Secret Identity: Blake Smith

Age: 15

Personality: Sometimes over protective, Has anger issues sometimes, alot of the times is easy going, happy, and funny

Eye Color: Greyish-Purple

Hair Color: Very Dark Brown, almost Black

Skin Color: Light Tan

Street Clothes: Grey Undershit, Black Sweatshirt, Grey Sweatpants, White and Black Shoes

Hero Costume: tight dark grey one piece body suit with thick strips of black that get thinner as they go down. He has black combat boots with a utility belt.

Early Life/Past: A former child criminal, he broke away from his parents and lived on the streets. He later found out about his powers and went to The Justice League to help, then being accepted into Young Justice

Powers: Turn into a living shadow, Enhanced Strength and Durability, Enhanced Reflexes, Darkness Manipulation, While in Shadow Mode, it's almost as if he doesn't exist, he can phase, breathe underwater, fly at super speed, and gets a form a telepathy when in shadow mode because he is mute in shadow mode

Abilities: Enhanced Agility

Weaknesses: In Shadow Mode, he is severely effected by light, only severely by the sun between 9:00 A.M. and 3 P.M. and if it totally dark for a long time while he is in shadow mode, he will evantually mold with the shadows until he can find the strength to reform again

Equipment: Laser Guns (in his belt and built into his motorcycles), he also has a sword

Vehicles: Two motorcyles (one white and one black)

Relationship: To be annouced

Mentor: To be annouced

Pet(s): An Eagle