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Zachary Zatara




Magic, Sorcery



Zachary Zatara is the 15 year old cousin of Zatanna and the nephew of the original Zatara. He was raised by Zatara until Zatara's disappearance and presumed death. After that, Zach was trained by Dr. Fate alongside Zatanna until Zatanna was herself accepted into the Justice League. Left alone, Zachary tried to become a solo hero under the alias Trickster. However, he was unsuccessful in his new career. Despite his failure, the League saw potential in Zachary and allowed him in, since then he took up the name Zatara in honor of his uncle.


Zachary is a fairly tall boy with short black hair and dark blue eyes. He is average built but is in good shape. He wears a long black coat with a white tuxedo shirt. He wears a matching bowtie and cummerbund in a variet of different colors. In his street clothes he wears an open collared shirt with an undershirt and dark jeans.